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Large case selection Gourmet products

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Buy large case selection Gourmet products

We present a gift box, consisting of several products of gourmet selection, a variety of flavors in the same case, for all tastes, is undoubtedly the perfect gift, with which, without a doubt .... will succeed!

This case contains the following products:

  • Bottle of wine Talk about Silence: A fleshy, powerful wine with balsamic aromas, minerals, ripe fruit. Cherry color with violet tones. Intense and complex aroma, with aromas of cherry, blackberry, mint, pepper and graphite. To the taste it is persistent, a sweet and fresh wine, a flavor reminiscent of fruits and chocolates of cherry liqueur. It has a 6-month aging in French oak barrels. 75cl capacity.
  • wine bottle Habla de Ti: A very special wine, with an ecological certificate. Made with Sauvignon Blanc, recognized as the most fruity variety in the world. Bright gold color with greenish tones. Intense common aroma, with light touches of mango, tomato leaf and asparagus.
  • Peach jam jar: A leisure glass jar which contains 250 grams of delicious peach jam. In addition to large amount of minerals such as potassium or calcium and magnesium and is an antioxidant of nature with a unique flavor.
  • Iberian Secret Pâté: Made from one of the best Iberian pork meats and our extra virgin olive oil, with a full and intense flavor.
  • Torta de la serena cream: A delicatessen from Tierras Extremeñas, from the best cakes from La Serena, this great cake cream is made, with an intense flavor that you will not forget. They contain 110 grams of cream of cake in glass jar.
  • Stackable liquors pack: Three highly demanded flavors, although rare in the same pack, Catalan cream, melon and chocolate, which makes your choice a success. It brings originality and good taste.
  • Box Fig Candy: Made from the best figs, both by size and quality, and after a careful washing and drying treatment are filled with a delicious and rich cream made from truffles and liquor. Finally, they are coated with a thin layer of chocolate.
  • Scallops in Vieira Sauce: This can of 115 gr of net weight, carries the following ingredients: garlic, wine, onion, tomato, parsley, salt and spices 65% of zamburriñas and 11% of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Pickled Mussels: These pickled mussels are composed of extra virgin olive oil (24%), mussels 58% salt, vinegar and pickled aromas.
  • Black Olives Paté: A recipe that is used as a complement to other meals or to prepare more complex dishes. , this pate of black olives will go very well on many occasions.

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