iberian ham estirpe black 5 acorns featured gourmet gifts
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iberian ham estirpe black 5 acorns featured gourmet gifts

Buy acorn-fed Iberian ham

Iberian acorn-fed ham with more than 8 kilos of weight, guaranteed and certified by the Spanish certification and independent inspection entity CERTICALITY, authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment for RD 993/2014.

Iberian acorn-fed hams 50% Iberian breed, this Iberian acorn-fed ham is shipped wrapped in cotton mesh and ham box, for the purchase of this ham we send it to your home for free in 24 hours, or to the direct recipient if you want to make a great gift . The acorn-fed Iberian ham piece is over 8 kilos.

Iberian acorn-fed ham brand 5 IBÉRICO

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Buy acorn-fed Iberian ham 5 Ibérico, a ham with incomparable quality

These Iberian acorn-fed hams are bred in Extremadura on controlled livestock farms, where the largest area of pastures in the Iberian Peninsula is found, where they feed on acorns.

A project that consists of the breeding of Iberian acorn-fed hams of the highest quality, which has more than 18 years with expert Iberian pig breeders hired and controlled by this Azuaga factory.

With these controls Iberian hams are obtained with more fluid and healthy fats, greater grain and better aroma, the flavor is soft in intense little salty and a finer texture. If you have any questions about Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, you can contact us at 924038471 or at info@regalosgourmetonline.com.

Iberian acorn-fed ham over 8 kilos

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98 mm x 89 mm

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8 kg