Flower honey 1kg Val de Xálima
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Flower honey 1kg Val de Xálima

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Naturally produced by the bees of our Sierra de Gata, an unrepeatable natural environment, with a great variety of flowers. It is packaged directly from the hive, keeping completely the natural qualities it has.

It has no clear predominance of any flower, is composed of different varieties of flowers, essentially heather, oak, oak, chestnut, eucalyptus and lavender.

  • Measurements: height 14 cm
  • Content: 1kg
  • Packaging: glass

Data sheet

1.40 kg
Data sheet
1 kgr.
2019-06-05 19:46:13
..la mejor miel y al mejor precio
Purchased products: Flower honey 1kg Val de Xálima
2019-02-10 10:56:01
....la 2ª mejor miel que e probado.....textura perfecta para untar y sabor muy completo sin ser basta.....perfecta
Purchased products: Red butter (25g x 45uds) Flower honey 1kg Val de Xálima Natural beige linen bag 15x20 cm
2019-01-22 08:56:40
Très bone et naturelle.
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