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Honey with Royal Jelly
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HONEY WITH ROYAL JELLY The honey with royal jelly is perfect for all his property beneficial in the honey like in the royal.  It is perfect for the childrend and the adults that dislike the bitter flavour of the fresh jelly. The honey softing the bitter and take easy the jally
Honey with almonds 100 g Customizable.
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Jar of honey with nuts. Detail of honey and almonds, in glass format with customizable decorative wrapping, with pattern and interior design. Choose the presentation of your gift of events with a unique design to suit you. It contains: 100 g of honey 15 g of almonds.
Honey with nuts to customize 115 g
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Honey with nuts to customize Honey in format of orcio for gift 115 g to give away. Customize this great combination of honeys and nuts with a personalized package that will not go unnoticed by your event guests. It is a nice gift in an orcio format with natural components beneficial for health. Contains: cg Format: Orcio Crystal.

Multifloral honey is honey that comes from a multitude of floral species existing in a certain place. It must be taken into account that its flavor will depend on the predominant flower.

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We have 500 gram and 1 kilogram formats. The types of multifloral honeys we have are: mountain honey and milfloral honey.

It is crucial to highlight how good it is for your health to take honey to cure common illnesses such as colds, periods of illness and convalescence, flu, sore throats, etc.

The best multifloral honeys and a thousand flowers

Flower, milfloral or multifloral honey is honey made by bees from the nectar of the flowers of various plant species.

That honey that, coming from the nectar of various plant species, or at least two, does not have a predominance of any pollen form over the others, as happens in monofloral honeys, is called flower, milfloral or multifloral honey.

Raw honey is known as flower, milflower or multifloral honey, which has not been heated above 40ºC in the extraction or packaging process.