Sales of the gourmet world
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Sales of the gourmet world

Sales of the gourmet world

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Sales of the gourmet world

This is an elegant and colorful product, while being a gourmet product for our most select customers. It will not leave anyone indifferent if you want to use it as a gift or, to surprise at the table with a unique and incomparable touch.

All will be delighted with this product that is composed of salts of different origins. United for you and to make your dishes, a new form of gastronomy.

A singularity for your best recipes brought from various parts of the world direct to your table.

Composed by:

  • Flower of salt: Obtained from the sedimentation caused by the natural evaporation of the salt. Without any artificial alteration, simply its natural process of salinization
  • Flower of black salt: Special for white fish, the black color of this salt is due to its extraction from the ink of squid. What makes it the best complement for seafood and fish
  • Pink salt Himalaya: For meat mainly. It contains a high concentration of iron and is extracted for many years from the rocks. Hence its color. It is the perfect element to your red meats.
  • Blue Persian salt: from Iran. Extract from the rocks. You can use it in all kinds of dishes including to decorate the desserts and give an exclusive, authentic and tasty touch. Highly recognized at culinary level and haute cuisine
  • Hawaiian red salt: It has its origin in volcanoes and is a product highly recommended for raw dishes or meats.

Content: 105g (3x25g + 2x15g).

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