Sherry Vinegar
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Sherry Vinegar The first Spanish Vinegar With Guarantee of Origin and Quality Mahogany and with a generous aroma, with hints of wood in which it grows, Sherry Vinegar is a condiment that enhances the flavor of food with so much personality that has become indispensable in hotels and restaurants.  Contents: 250 ml.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil "La Chinata" (250ml glass)
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La Chinata extra virgin olive oil This olive oil comes from Sierra de Gata (Cáceres), a place where only the best olives are harvested in perfect condition to get an extra virgin of excellent quality. It is important to note that the olives used to make this oil are the famous "chamomiles". Those who know them, know that their quality is optimal.
Balsamic Vinegar of Módena
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Balsamic Vinegar of Módena Vinegar of Módena makes an excellent salad dressing or vinaigrette, due to its strong taste it is recommended to just add a spoonful per person. It goes very well with roast meat or other hot dishes: add just before withdrawing from the heat. This vinegar was originally called balsámico because it was used as a remedy against rheumatism, rubbing it like a balm on the affected body parts.
Sweet smoked paprika from the Vera (Tin 75g) D.O.P.
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Canned paprika from Vera D.O We must know that the sweet Vera paprika is often used in the kitchen as a complement to some dishes such as meats, eggs, fish, sausages (especially sausages), sauces, etc. The fundamental characteristic of paprika is that it brings an exquisite flavor to our meals and a unique color to our dishes.
Arbequina olive 355 gr
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Small in size, rounded shape and great aroma, the Arbequina olive concentrates an intense flavor. Naturally made. Not surprisingly,with this variety the best olive oils are made. Ideal for aperitif or to accompany fish, It is combined with white wines.
Fig vinegar 100 ml.
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Fora d'estoc
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A 100% artisan product Fig artisanal vinegar. To accompany a meal, vegetables, salads, meats, etc. It is ideal for gift to guests at events such as weddings, baptisms and confirmations. It can be customized with an organza bag and personalized card.
Square Bottle EVOO (100 ml)
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Square Bottle EVOO (100 ml) La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is presented in a new and attractive 100 ml packaging, ideal for decorating the most selected tables in breakfasts, lunches or dinners adding a touch of unique distinction that can be complemented with our sherry vinegar in the same packaging. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterized mainly by four factors: - An intense yellow colour with some traces of green; - A mellow and plane taste, without the sharpness or the bitterness characteristic of the olive oils from the South of Spain. The tasting of our olive oil is an authentic pleasure; - A dense fruity mature aroma; - A very high fatty acids content; in this respect, it is one of the best extra virgin olive oils of all Spain.
Olive Oil iO Black, gift for baptims
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Olive oil IO black for present baptism. The oilve oil IO black for gifth of baptism is a produit perfect for present of wedding, communions or baptism. This olive oil virgin extra is autentic "coupege" with arome intense and very nice. This olive oil is present in a elegant bottle of simple lines for gift with a measure of 100 ml.


What products will you find in this category?

Here you will find commonly used high-quality products. All those products that can not be missing in the kitchen of a home. We have gourmet quality products at incredible prices.

- Olive oils.

Extra virgin olive oils in all possible formats large or small in plastic or glass, natural or flavored with lycopene, bay leaf, garlic, truffle or pepper we have for sale with a single click and without leaving home, we send our extra virgin olive oil to the entire European Union. Olive oil is known as the gold of the Mediterranean. It has become the article that cannot be missing in Spanish or world gastronomy. For millennia it has been used to add that special touch to food.

- Vinegars.

We present a wide range of reserve sherry vinegars with designation of origin seasoned in different flavors or natural, you can also buy the best vinegar from Modena from Italy.

gourmet vinegars do not have to be an inaccessible product, therefore we have smaller formats available to our customers because they are moderately used products, they are used as a dressing and we do not need large quantities for cooking, therefore by buying our vinegars in small formats of 100 ml we enjoy a fair, cheap price and you can have all the types you need in the comfort of your home.

Types of vinegars that exist

Gourmet vinegars

gourmet vinegars are perfect for the kitchen, they give dishes a characteristic flavor and are an ideal complement for any self-respecting cook, gourmet vinegars cannot be missing in your kitchen. < / p>

Reserve vinegars of Jerez

These vinegars have the designation of origin of Jerez, of Spanish origin that fully protects the marketing of these vinegars. Our Sherry Vinegar have an aging time of at least six months.

We have Vinegar D.O. Sherry in 100 ml format and in small 25 ml. As well as vinegar and oil combos of different formats.

Balsamic vinegars of Modena

The best known is balsamic vinegar of Modena , an ideal vinegar to dress salads and other types of vegetables. They have multiple health benefits. They are characterized by their own sweet and sour taste.

Other vinegars to buy

We are also committed to offering lesser known vinegars but with a high gourmet value for your most delicious dishes. You can buy fig vinegars, raspberry vinegar, cherry vinegars, blueberry vinegar and tomato vinegars mainly.

- Salts and spices.

Wide and varied range of sea salts and spices, from different parts of the world, you can buy in this section. For a perfect touch of flavor, in your best dishes.

It does not matter what type of cuisine you are used to, whether you like traditional cuisine or want to give a touch of distinction to your dishes in this section you will find a world of exotic salts and spices that will give more than flavor to your dishes .

Flor de Sal is a sublime product, which you will not find easily. The flower of salt with squid ink, as well as its composition, its use is intended for mollusks, rice and shellfish.

Sal de Escamas with Boletus Eduli is a perfect salt to accompany red meats, since they do not mask the flavor and texture but rather enhance and accompany it. There are also colored salts such as pink or blue salt, coming from Khewra and Persia respectively.

We all like to pamper ourselves from time to time, that is why in this section you will find, apart from all the salts we have, some packs of spices proposed for Spices and Botanicals Botanicals are a type of spices aimed at cocktails, You will generally find cardamom, cassia cinnamon, orange blossom, pink pepper, juniper and hibiscus flower are the main components. Mixes and botanicals in a well-served cocktail should be no more than two to achieve adequate flavor.

- Paprika from La Vera.

Paprika from La Vera is one of the artisan products from Extremadura that we have for you and that you can buy at the best prices in the market in our online store.

The paprika from La Vera is one of the most typical products of Extremadura and one of the fundamental condiments in Spanish cuisine. We have paprika from La Vera from the Vega Cáceres brand in different formats and sweet, spicy or bittersweet varieties.

Paprika from La Vera is a high quality and traditional product, with marked cultivation and drying standards that protect and guarantee the origin of Pimentón de la Vera. It has a powdery appearance, with an intense red color, with a delicate and peculiar aroma and flavor of wood smoke.

- Olives.

Here you can buy seasoned olives, home style, those of a lifetime.

Our region has a privileged climate for the production of olives and a great tradition in the manufacture and marketing of this food.

Olives are allies of our health. Olive oil, one of our superfoods, is obtained from them. Liquid gold prized throughout the world and the basis of one of the most important diets in the world, the Mediterranean.

Among other benefits:

- They are very good for people who have anemia, due to their high iron content. (Black contains more than green)

- They prevent heart and circulatory system diseases, which are rich in unsaturated fats and regulate cholesterol levels.

- They help to improve our defenses, as they contain vitamins A and C.

- They have a lot of fiber, to help regulate the intestine and against constipation.

- They contain vitamin E (100 grams of olives give us 3 mg). The recommended daily amount of vitamin D is 12 mg a day.

In our store you will find at your disposal the Paprika de la Vera and also a great variety of artisan products, sausages, pâté, jams, wines and many other things that could be of interest to you, so we invite you to visit our gallery, with pleasure a team of committed professionals will attend to your concerns.

In the Gourmet Products section you will find a wide variety of artisan products, sausages, pâté, jams, cheeses, preserves, wines, cavas, beers, spirits, gluten-free, lactose-free products and many more things that could be of interest to you,