Gourmet salts and spices to spice up buy online.


Wide and varied range of marine salts and spices, from different parts of the world, you can buy in this section. For a perfect touch offlavor, in your best dishes.

Gourmet Salts and Spices

No matter the type of cuisine you are used to, whether you like traditional cuisine or want to give a touch of distinction to your dishes in this section you will find a world of exotic salts and spices that will give more flavor to your dishes.

The importance of salts in your dishes.

There are several types of salts depending on the dish you are preparing although it has always been highly valued over the centuries, to the point that in its origins workers were paid with salt in some civilizations, hence the word salary. What is true is that it has always played a leading role in food. The body needs an average of 4-6 grams per day to be able to absorb the water we drink throughout the day. Salt can be extracted from several places, from the most common to the most remote.

From there we can find the salt differences from those that we show you today in this category of Gourmet salts and spices.

How to use gourmet salts in the kitchen?

There are salts that are extracted from the evaporation of water, the most traditional and cautious method to achieve a type of salt presented in grains. A good example that you will find in the following rows is the Flor de Sal.

A sublime product, which you will not easily find is the Flor de Sal with squid ink, as its composition is used for mollusks, rice and seafood. Do not forget that we talk about black salt, so you can have an extraordinary role as decoration.

Sal de Escamas with Boletus Eduli is a perfect salt to accompany red meat, as they do not mask the taste and texture but enhance and accompany. There are also colored salts such as pink or blue salt, from Khewra and Persia respectively.

You will find by its elaboration, Mediterranean sea salts, salts from different parts of the world or Mediterranean foam salts. There are many more varieties of salts, do not hesitate to ask us if you want to know more by calling our phone number or writing us an email.

Spices and Botanicals for mixtures and cocktails.

We all like to pamper ourselves from time to time, so in this section you can find part of all the salts that we have, some packs of spices proposed for Spices and Botanicals

Botanicals are a type of cocktail-oriented spices, you will usually find cardamom, cassia cinnamon, orange blossom, pink pepper, juniper and hibiscus flower are the main components.

Mixes and botanicals in a well-served cocktail should not be presented more than two to get a proper flavor.