Allspice Grinder 35 grams
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Allspice Grinder 35 grams

Great allspice grinder in a novel glass grinder with a weight of 35 grams. The grinder is adjustable to season with more or less coarse grains. A product you must try. 

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Allspice grinder 35 grams

An exotic spice presented in a high quality glass grinder. Allspice is a unique spice whose aroma and flavour are reminiscent of cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg and cloves. It is a very popular spice in Caribbean cuisine and gives a special touch to dishes. To enhance the flavour it is recommended to sprinkle on top of already cooked dishes. 

The spices come in an innovative glass grinder, with a double grind that you are sure to love. The double grind allows you to choose between fine and coarse grains. Thanks to its mechanism that works by slightly raising the head, thus obtaining the coarser ones. 

Format: Grinder.  Net Weight: 35 gr. Material: Glass.

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