4-Pepper Mix Grinder 40 Gr
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4-Pepper Mix Grinder 40 Gr

A great pepper mix that includes the four most common peppers. High quality, naturally sun-dried, a practical product to have in your kitchen!

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4 Pepper Mix Grinder 40 Gr 

We present you a great pepper spice mix with four different types of pepper, a product with which you can give that special touch to your dishes. It contains black, white, green and pink pepper, naturally dried in the sun to maintain their properties naturally. With a net weight of 40 grams of pepper. 

It also comes in a glass grinder with double grinding. It allows you to grind the grains in two different thicknesses, fine or coarse. Its simple mechanism works by slightly raising the head to choose the coarsest thickness. 

In short, a practical and useful product that will make a difference in your kitchen. 

Format: Grinder.  Net Weight: 40 gr. Material: Glass. 

Ingredients: Black pepper, white pepper, green pepper and pink pepper.

Measurements: 13.6 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm

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