Sweet  smoked paprika from La Vera D.O.P. (25kg)
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Sweet smoked paprika from La Vera D.O.P. (25kg)

Sack paprika 25 kg

Authentic smoked la Vera pimeton with a sweet taste, to codify dishes with meat, fish and vegetables.

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Smoked gluten-free La Vera paprika.

Large bag of 25 kilograms of paprika from La Vera. The paprika contained in this sack has a sweet taste, since it is made from the varieties of red peppers called Jaranda and Bola. These varieties provide a sweet taste to this paprika.

We highlight the many culinary uses of paprika de la Vera. For example, it is usually used to complement some dishes such as meats, eggs, fish, sausages (sausages), sauces, etc. The main characteristic of paprika is the exquisite flavor that it brings to our meals as well as the reddish color with which we dye our dishes.

Our paprika from La Vera enjoys quality guarantee stamps, making it prestigious as it provides a great guarantee for this delicious product.

It has no gluten.


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