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Paprika from "La Vera"

Sweet smoked paprika from the Vera (Tin 75g) D.O.P.
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Canned paprika from Vera D.O We must know that the sweet Vera paprika is often used in the kitchen as a complement to some dishes such as meats, eggs, fish, sausages (especially sausages), sauces, etc. The fundamental characteristic of paprika is that it brings an exquisite flavor to our meals and a unique color to our dishes.

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Paprika de la Vera is one of the most typical products of Extremadura and some of the fundamental condiments in the dishes of Spain. We have paprika from the Vera of the Vega Cáceres brand in different formats and varieties sweet, spicy or bittersweet.

La paprika can never be lacking in the kitchen of lovers of good taste.

The Paprika of La Vera is a genuinely handmade product of Extremadura very appreciated by those who love good cuisine. The Comarca de la Vera, Province of Cáceres, Spain, is the main land where they bring us such an exquisite product. The Paprika de la Vera is one of the essential condiments that can not be missing in your kitchen and our online Gourmet Gifts store brings it for you.

The Paprika de la Vera is a product of high quality and tradition, with marked standards of cultivation and drying that protect and guarantee the origin of the Paprika de la Vera, has a powdery appearance, with an intense red color, with aroma and flavor delicate and peculiar to wood smoke.

Types of Paprika de la Vera

Although all paprika seems the same, there are several characteristics that make each one unique, in La Vera Paprika there are three types: sweet, spicy and smoked paprika. Let's look at some of the qualities of each of the types of La Vera Paprika:


Sweet paprika is one of the most used, it is made with the Bola and Jaranda varieties, it is made from sweet peppers resulting in a spice that does not chop almost anything and rather has a fruity flavor with a bitter touch.

Spicy Paprika

This variety of La Vera Paprika is made with Jeromín, red peppers that do not sting and others that do itch. Spicy paprika is mostly used when we want to give a spicy touch to meals. The taste is very similar to chilli pepper, Cayenne pepper or chili peppers.

Smoked paprika

The smoked paprika is made with the varieties Ocales, Jaranda, Jariza, Jaromín, and Red Pepper Ball, it has in its flavor a smoky touch because it goes through a process of drying the peppers on an oak fire and aromatic woody shrubs.

The smoking of peppers is a slow and laborious process that lasts about two weeks, during that time, peppers go from having 80% water to less than 15% and then being taken to the mills.

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We have paprika de la Vera from the brand Vega Cáceres in different formats and varieties sweet, spicy or sweet.

The paprika de la Vera is one of the most typical products of Extremadura and some of the essential seasonings in the dishes of Spain.

You can never miss the paprika de la Vera in the kitchen of lovers of good taste.