Tiara Semi-sweet White Wine 75 cl
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Tiara Semi-sweet White Wine 75 cl

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The jewel of Eva, a very sophisticated white wine

Origin of Semi-Sweet Wine Tiara

Made exclusively with the grapes of Eva de Los Santos de Maimona (Badajoz), a unique and inimitable variety. It has its origin in the early twentieth century, at which time Ezequiel Fernandez Santana or as it is better known, the priest of the Saints propitiated together with the neighbors of the noble town made the first graft.

Wine from the Land of Extremadura

With birth in Extremeñas wineries, it is a wine that perfectly characterizes the climate and quality of the cultivated grape, always of great quality to produce a wine worthy of kings.

Wine Tasting Tiara Semidulce

  • In view: Yellowish color with whitish tones, with green and powerful highlights.
  • To the taste: Affable and great balance between sweet and acid. The nose reminds the olfactory phase.
  • To the nose: To the nose it has strong nuances to fruit, like grapefruit, the apple and exotic and floral fruits.

Characteristics of the wine:

  • Amount: 750 ml
  • Graduation: 9% Volume

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