Instant natural tomato powder 160 g
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Instant natural tomato powder 160 g

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Buy online instant natural tomato powder 160 g

Pot of tomato powder + Natural Tomato, the best flavor all year round. It is the premise of this product, to bring the flavor and properties of tomato to any day of the year. The applications of the product are multiple and only depend on your imagination.

Natural, without salt or added sugars. Practical, it is ready to consume. Without loss, there is no waste. Longer life, up to two years with closed container. Smaller volume, 1 kg equals 20 kg of fresh tomato. More creativity, prepare salsa, juices, gazpachos ...

  • Net weight: 160 g


Dry use

  • To season to taste.

Use rehydrated

  • 250 ml boiling water (one glass), 2 tablespoons and stir for about 1 minute.

Instant juice

  • One tablespoon of tomato powder in a 125-ml glass of boiling water and add two ice cubes

Data sheet

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