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Canned gourmet vegetables

Dried tomatoes
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Dried tomatoes Sun dried tomatoes, so important in Spanish cuisine, preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, maintain their properties and flavours. They can be used directly in salads pasta, or as an ingredient in stews or sauces. Its intense taste will change your usual dishes.
Funghi Porcini in EVOO
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Funghi Porcini in EVOO This fungi porcini are an ideal ingredient for all kinds of dishes. It provides a unique flavor for pasta, rice, gravies and stews. Also, as a main dish, sautéed with vegetables and a poached egg. Ingredientes: Chopped boletus edulis, extra virgin olive oil and sal. Net weight: 150g.

Canned vegetables from Extremadura

Our gourmet canned vegetables come from Spain, it is a native product of Extremadura with the prestige and quality that attests its origin.

What canned vegetables buy?

In our store we have a wide catalog of gourmet vegetable preserves, so you can find only the best because we offer top quality canned vegetables such as our white short asparagus, boletus edulis mushrooms and the natural criadilla, asparagus or white asparagus are some of the Natural products that we offer in this space, you can also buy roasted piquillo peppers or stuffed with meat or fish.

Why are our canned vegetables good?

Mainly we can emphasize that our canned vegetables maintain the 100% flavor of the raw material. Maintaining not only the flavor but also the own aroma and natural texture of the food thanks to the correct preparation of our preserves.

In addition, they are highly healthy products for our body, it helps us to have high quality vegetables while maintaining all the properties on any day of the year and they give us the possibility of cooking in a healthy way for the family.

With them, we can follow a healthy and balanced diet. The raw material is processed fresh from the garden, thus preserving all the original nutrients and vitamins.

We offer our canned vegetables in packaged jars, being preserved in extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality we will not have to add these extras when we cook.

Consuming this type of products not only helps you and your family, but also helps the environment since being properly prepared with efficient amounts of vegetables prevents them from being discarded.

The best canned vegetables in Spain

We affirm that our canned vegetables are the best in the Spanish territory, more specifically those that originate in Extremadura. We work only with leading brands such as La Chinata, Mimo and Campanillo.

Canned vegetables fruits and vegetables

We also have canned vegetables such as apple slices in olive oil or dried tomatoes in aove and even delicious caramelized onion to the sherry vinegar, products that you will find in this section prepared only to enjoy the best gourmet canned vegetables of all territory Extremeño