Iberian sausage (homemade morcón)in vacuum
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Iberian sausage (homemade morcón)in vacuum

Large blood sausage ( vacuum-packed) 

Product gourmet from pic of the Pasture from Extremadura. All the flavour iberian in this delicious of large blood sausage iberican. A product for the best palates. Wight between 700 kg and 1kg

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Large blood sausage (vacuum-packed)

Leans selection from pic iberican. His mince is made to hand for this excelent product..

The iberian are these that is live free in the pasture. So, it do that the flavorur will excellent.


Is presented in pieces divided to the half.


Weight: It is the half got aproximately between 900 gr and 1.1 kg

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1.10 kg