Ham great reserve Sierra Morena 7.5 kg aprox
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Ham great reserve Sierra Morena 7.5 kg aprox

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This more than incredible Serrano ham great reserve of Hungarian breed has an outstanding quality and price, if you try it, surely you will repeat. Testimony assured by our clients.

Sierra Morena combines in its essence a mixture with expertise and experience. More than half a century of generations of family ham masters. Nature, valleys and countryside full of natural flavors. A microclimate that turns the mountain range of Cordoba into a paradise for the healing of ham.

Hungarian Serrano Ham

The process of obtaining this type of serrano ham is from salting and drying to the air or outside of the hind legs of the pig (the front ones are known as pallets).

The salting of the jamón serrano gran reserva has a process in which all the quality of the ham is based on the role of salt, this helps to dehydrate and preserve this magnificent ham.

The quality of Serrano ham

Being one of the products with the highest consumption in Spain and with a great export projection, there is no doubt that ensuring quality is paramount.

All ham must comply with regulations that include breeding, reproduction and subsequent processing.

Buy and consume quality serrano ham

There are many factors that determine the flavor, texture and the aroma itself. One of the most important points is the temperature at which it should be consumed.

The ideal temperature is about 21º - 23º, at this point the fat gets a perfect color and texture to consume. The juiciness will therefore depend on the temperature of the ham.

Within all types of mountain hams we find different qualities that depend on the time of healing or the climate found in the mountains. You can see on the label the provenance, the pig's breed and its food throughout its life.

Cutting process of Serrano ham

Several instruments or tools are needed for this task. In the first place a ham holder, in which it is placed so that it is fixed and the cut is completely safe.

You need a knife, but not anybody. There are several types of knives.

  • Broad blade: a blade knife shorter, but wide, sharp and remarkably robust. Suitable for the most superficial areas of ham.
  • Ham knife: it has a more elongated and flexible blade, it must be very sharp, its main objective is to make more precise or clean cuts, to obtain thin slices of ham.
  • De-boning knife: short and short blade. For the most problematic angles of the ham (areas near bones)

Serrano ham tasting

About tasting, there are many contests where expert tasters congregate.

Some details such as the tone of the fat, if it is pinker means that the quality is higher.
The lean also provides information, the color red or intense pink and even more if it has an intense or bright color indicates its quality.
Within the phases of the tasting of ham serrano is its aroma, will largely depend on the food of the pig and salt, which will make the aroma more powerful and provide extra quality to the ham.
Finally the taste of the palate, has to make us enjoy. From the texture of the slices to their cut shape they will give the final note to the diners.

Conservation of the Serrano ham gran reserva

It is customary a daily product, meaning that the product can last a long time in our pantries, so it is necessary to know the best conservation method so that it does not lose the flavor and aroma so emblematic.

The main advice is not to cut until we consume it. Once done, the first advice is to use the first cuts of skin and fats to place them just in the area where the cut has been made. The fat of the ham fulfills the function and protects the flavor.

If we are going to keep it for longer, it is best to hang it so that the same fat flows.

Characteristics of the jamón serrano gran reserva

  • Piece of 7.5 kg approximately
  • Flavor and outstanding texture
  • Exceptional quality-price
  • Pig of Hungarian breed raised in Cordovan saws

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Purchased products: Ham great reserve Sierra Morena 7.5 kg aprox