Garlic flavored olive oil "la chinata"
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Garlic flavored olive oil "la chinata"

Olive oil "la chinata" garlic seasoning

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Olive oil flavored with garlic "la chinata"

Great bottle of extra virgin olive oil flavored with garlic.

This bottle contains two great ingredients very beneficial for health, such as the best extra virgin olive oil and a selection of the best garlic.

This flavored oil has been obtained by letting virgin olive oil and garlic rest, so that the oil acquires each and every one of the properties of garlic, as well as its characteristic flavor, which makes this oil have a slight garlic flavor.

This oil has a very deep flavor, which makes it special and very original.

It should be noted that garlic not only provides a deep flavor, but also gives us its antibacterial and anti acid properties, which will provide good digestion.

It is especially indicated for cold dishes such as salads, but it works great on pasta, meat, fish.

It comes in a 250 ml glass bottle.

The dimensions of the bottle:

Height: 23.5 cm

Diameter: 4.5cm

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4.50 cm
23.50 cm
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