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Olive oil

Buy quality extra virgin olive oil in our online store

Extra virgin olive oils in all possible formats large or small in plastic or glass, natural or seasoned with lycopene, bay leaf, garlic, truffle or pepper we have for sale with a single click and without leaving home, we send our oil Extra virgin olive throughout the European Union.

Known as the gold of the Mediterranean is olive oil; which, has become the article that can not be missing in Spanish cuisine or the world, because for millennia it has been used to give that special touch to meals.

Extremadura olive oil

It should be noted that our olive oil comes from Extremadura, the area recognized as a producer of the exquisite olive oil from Extremadura, which for its taste and quality, is to the liking of all our customers.

In we have a wide variety of olive oils, this and other brands, which vary in presentations and formats. Therefore, we invite you to locate the item of your choice in our product locator and that way you can know its details and features.

Excellence in olive oil Extremadura

Our online store has always been characterized by excellent service and quality in its products, and olive oil from Extremadura is no exception; This is thanks to the careful harvesting of olives, followed by the only traditional elaboration process that has been used for generations, making Extremadura oil a delight for the palate of any and one of the internationally awarded oils.

Presentations of olive oil from Extremeño

We have for our customers more than 60 products with the best presentations of Extremadura oils, for example: you will find traditional olive oil, as well as seasoned with truffle, bay leaf, garlic, pepper and lycopene; Surely these types of spiced oils will provide a delicious and different experience in what you prepare in your kitchen.

Extremadura oil is presented both individually, as in cases of 2 and 4 oils and various wicker trunks, ideal for gifts at special events such as weddings, communions, Christmas, etc.

In addition, you will find different formats, from the single dose 0.10ml to the 5-liter jugs in glass, plastic, jugs or cans.

The best market prices

We want to not only give you the best quality and service, we also want to give you an excellent price if you buy the best olive oil from Extremadura. Even if your purchase is a special order we take care of giving you loyalty points that become discounts in euros when you cancel your invoice.

We provide you with the shipping service to your home or to any part of the European Union; In addition, we have a secure payment system where we accept different types of credit cards and electronic transfers, giving you the security and support you need.

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