Zurrapa of cured loin pork colored (25g x 45uds)
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Zurrapa of cured loin pork colored (25g x 45uds)

Loin cowhide in single dose

Pork fried in Iberian butter. Made in the purest artisan style and with the best paprika from La Vera. Ideal for breakfast and snacks.

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Loin Zurrapa colorá "Iberitos" (25g x 45uds)

Toasted and smeared muffins with Zurrapa! Hmmm !! Delicious breakfast! For lovers of a good breakfast, Lomo Colorá Zurrapa is an excellent option.

La Zurrapa de Lomo Colorá Iberitos, is one of the tremendously typical breakfasts that are still tradition.

Do not forget to buy in our online store RegalosGourmetonline.com this excellent product, Zurrapa de Lomo Colorá in a super practical presentation of 25g x 45uds to enjoy not only one, but several delicious breakfasts, this product is made in the purest artisan style and with the best paprika from La Vera.

Loin cowhide colorá what is it?

It is called Lomo Zurrapa the Iberian pork loin that fried in lard and salt is frayed and various spices are added.

In the case of the Zurrapa de Lomo colorá of the Iberitos company, this product is born from the ancient preservation process of fried meat in mud covered with butter and to give it the reddish touch by which it has been given the surname of “colorá , ”Is La Vera sweet paprika of very good quality par excellence.

The Zurrapa de Lomo Colorá is typical of the South of Andalusia (Spain), mainly in the western mountains of the province of Malaga, usually eaten in toast (traditionally toasted muffins) for a delicious breakfast or for a snack.

Zurrapa de Lomo Colorá "Iberitos" nutritional information

The nutritional value per 100gr of the product is as follows:

Energy value: 562Kcal / 235.41Kj

✅ Total Fats: 56.7gr

✅ Of which saturated: 20.5gr

✅ Carbohydrates: 7.13 gr

✅ Proteins: 7.66 gr

✅ Salt: 1.83 gr

Lomo Colorá "Iberitos" Zurrapa (25g x 45uds) features

Among the most outstanding features of the product Zurrapa de Lomo Colorá Iberitos is the one that comes in a presentation of almost 25 gr pocket that will allow you to take it anywhere without taking up much space guaranteeing you a delicious snack at any time.

It should also be taken into account that it has a very broad expiration of about 18 months and that it also does not need cold for its conservation.

It is suitable for the consumption of any celiac person because the product does not have gluten or lactose in its content.

Buy Zurrapa de Lomo Colorá "Iberitos" (25g x 45uds)

Buying Zurrapa from Lomo Colorá Iberitos is very easy through our online store RegalosGourmetonline.com. From the comfort of your home or office you can enter our gallery, take a walk through our variety of gourmet products that we have available for you.

On this occasion our store brings you the fabulous and practical promotion of the Lomo Colorá Iberitos Zurrapa in a package of 25 g for 45 units at the best price in the market, so that you enjoy not only a single breakfast or snack but that for several days you can enjoy the excellent product in your home.

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1.30 kg
2020-02-06 16:48:51
Súper servicio, es la tercera vez que lo pido porque me encanta la zurrapa. Muy bien todo !
Purchased products: Zurrapa of cured loin pork colored (25g x 45uds)
2019-01-03 15:36:15
Deli me encanta ;) ya van dos veces que pido la caja entera y súper bien.
Purchased products: Zurrapa of cured loin pork colored (25g x 45uds) Pringá Iberian single-dose 25 gr Deliex for gifts in event details
2017-11-16 00:19:57
Pedí una caja de 45 monodosis junto con el resto de pedido y solo llegó una unidad del producto. Contacté con atención al cliente y enseguida me confirmaron quee enviarían el resto. Tuvieron el detalle de abrir el envoltorio y retirar la monodosis que si habíamos recibido.
Purchased products: Zurrapa of cured loin pork colored (25g x 45uds)
2017-08-21 13:58:05
Un lote muy rico, para desayunos lo mejor que puede haber, es super cómodo comprar en esta tienda online, repetiré sin dudarlo.
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