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Iberian pate Pedro Ximenez (250g)
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Pedro Ximénez and raisin Iberian pate Exquisite Iberian pate to Pedro Ximenez. Can you ask for more? Pate created exclusively with Iberian pork meat, to the touch of Pedro Ximénez, to taste a hot toast, the best breakfast to start a good day. You will always remember this unique and unmistakable flavor. Without gluten.
Figs pate "Iberitos" (140g)
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Iberian pate with Almoharín figs Of unmistakable sweet and sour aroma and flavor, the Iberian pate with Almoharín figs (an Extremaduran town recognized in our country, for the quality of its figs and its high production) making this pate, a delicacy for the most demanding palates. No need cold, gluten free.

Patés Iberitos and Deliex

Sale of creams and pate of the Iberitos brand, we have numerous formats and flavors that you can obtain in our store of Don Benito Badajoz or buy them online.

Tradition, innovation and quality are the hallmarks of Iberitos products, which is why with our eyes closed we offer our most distinguished clientele the fabulous and delicious Iberian Patés and any of the products of this same line.

In Gourmet Gifts we know the richness of a traditional breakfast of toasted bread with some spread pate, that is why we offer you the largest variety of Iberitos gourmet products.

Iberitos puts on your table the purity of flavor that fresh foods give you and that also preserve the traditional recipes of grandparents with their artisanal elaboration.

The Iberitos factory was born in Santa Amalia, a Spanish municipality, belonging to the province of Badajoz, an autonomous community of Extremadura that saw the birth and growth of the idea of ​​bringing to your table the best products to accompany your breakfasts and meals.

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Buying Iberitos pates is very easy, fast and absolutely nothing complicated, just get comfortable in front of your computer and relax watching the wide variety of products, creams and pates with different flavors and in a variety of presentations.

We have in our variety gourmet pates all kinds of meats for different tastes, including beef, poultry, rabbit and game, as well as fish and vegetables.

We will be happy to advise you when selecting any of our gourmet products.

Variety of Iberitos pate

In our gallery we have a wide variety of products of the renowned Iberitos brand, among them are patents and creams so that you can choose according to your preference.

Among them we have: Iberés Gourmet Patés (140 grams), 250 gr tubs, single doses in Iberitos trays of 25 gr in presentation of 18 and 45 units, Iberitos pate tubs in saving format of 700 gr and Glass jars in presentation of 110 gr.

All Iberitos products stand out for being made with top quality materials, have a broad expiration of more than 18 months and if that were not enough, they do not need cold for their conservation.

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