Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder
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Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder

A grinder with the famous Himalayan Pink Salt. With a characteristic flavour and colour, this salt is one of the most sought-after gourmet products and comes in a convenient adjustable grinder. It comes in a convenient, adjustable grinder, so don't hesitate and try it!

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Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder

We present you this delicious gourmet product, which also comes in an ingenious grinder with a net weight of 110 grams, to make seasoning easy and convenient. A salt of the highest quality from mines in the Himalayan region of Pakistan. A salt mine, where salt was crystallised inside the mountain 150 million years ago, with a unique blend of salts and nutrients. It is an ideal ingredient for seasoning finished dishes and fits perfectly with meat, fish and grilled vegetables, giving them a unique taste that is hard to describe. A salt that is appreciated all over the world and that you must try.  

As if the ingredient were not unique enough, it comes in a practical, adjustable grinder. A grinder made of glass with a classic and sturdy design that stands out for its double grinding. Thus the grinder can adjust its head in order to make the salt grains fine or coarse, according to the consumer's choice. This mechanism works by raising the head, thus obtaining a coarser grain. 

In short, a product that should be in the kitchen of anyone who appreciates delicate and careful flavours. 

Net Weight: 110 gr. Material: Glass.  

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