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Sliced ​​as sausage, loin and sausage, your Iberian products in packages, the comfort of having slices already cut, ready to eat. Sliced ​​sausages Iberian loin and chorizo ​​vacuum packed in bags

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A party or family celebration and you want your loved ones to taste the best Iberian slices, we have a selection of Iberians of the best quality, such as sliced ​​Iberian chorizo, the best way to simply open one of our packages, serve it on a plate and eat One of the best Iberians, the quality chorizo ​​we present with which you can share your best moments with the family.

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Complete your assortment of Iberians, with the sausage another Iberian sausage that you have to have with which to complete your assortment and make a presentation of the best Iberian we have, a sausage with a texture that even the palates accustomed to the best Iberians will make them recognize Its good quality.

The best Iberian slices that you can buy, with their recognized quality, you can buy them in individual packages, perfect for own use of 100 gr or you have the option to buy several packages and have your own Iberian sausage for those occasions in which you have a celebration, 8 packages of 125 gr.

When you have little time and do not want to have to prepare the Iberian sausage or if you want to have it prepared, buying these sliced ​​Iberians will make you have your sausage prepared to use it and eat it with the best quality, and only present it on the plate.