Acorn Iberian Loin Folded Señorio de Montanera
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Acorn Iberian Loin Folded Señorio de Montanera

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Acorn Iberian Loin Señorio de Montanera

The following tenderloin will delight you for its excellent flavor.

It is made with embuchado loin based on acorn pork 100% quality and Iberian.

It is handmade, without paprika, only with salt and low amounts of garlic, pepper and additives. Based on a traditional recipe from Extremadura. The whole piece is folded in half, covered by a light layer of butter and cured for a considerable period of more than 6 months. It is stuffed into a casing with a larger diameter, which is tied repeatedly with rope so that the parts of the back make a body. Once cut, it has a characteristic purplish red color, with intense veining and marbling.

Its aroma is based on being especially soft and persistent in smell, it is a loin that has an exceptional juiciness in the mouth, a delicacy that you can not stop tasting.

Vacuum packaging is presented once it has been cured at the optimum time so that it can keep all its characteristics and flavor unaltered when it reaches your plate.

  • Packaged in exclusive packaging.
  • Made with marinated without paprika
  • Piece: 1 - 1.2 kg

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1.30 kg