Big Cosmetic Box 3
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Big Cosmetic Box 3

Cosmetic Gift Case for the care of women.

The most complete natural cosmetic case you can buy for a woman's gift.

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Cosmetic Gift Case for the care of women.


Foot and Elbow Cream: Moisturising and repairing cream that relieves and quickly renews the most rough skin types, such as heels and elbows.

Elaborated with olive oil, that provides an intense moisturizing, and natural plants extracts: rose, jasmine and daisy that repair small cracks and leaves a smooth and soft skin.

It can also be used on knees or very dry hands.

Apply with soft massages before going to bed and during the day as often as needed.

100 ml.

- Hand & Nail Cream: This hand & nail cream makes the most of all of olive oil’s beneficial properties for the skin. It was specifically developed to moisturize hands and nails. The cream protects the skin against external factors and allows its regeneration.

Contents: 75 ml.

- 2 Olive Oil Soaps Natural Edition (20g): With our traditional olive oil soap we maintain the Mediterranean tradition of taking advantage of all the properties of olive oil. This natural soap is gentle to the skin and easily biodegradable. The olive oil moisturizes, invigorates and protects the skin.

- Bath gel: With olive oil extra virgin.

- Body Milk: With extra virgin olive oil moisturizes the skin and protects it against external factors. It preserves the integral structure of the dermis, allowing better regeneration and enhanced skin firmness.

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