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Cheap christening gifts

Miniatures bodymilk with box
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Miniature of natural cosmetics, a present for surprise for all the guest of the event. It's recommanded for wedding, communions, baptism and other type of celebration. This magnifique kit is formed for a bodymilk miniature with box of wood.
Gel and Shampoo
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Gel and Shampoo Surprise your guests with the most original gift, ideal like celebation gift. Personalized packaging, you can put the name or the date like you want.   This is the better gift for wedding, communion or any celebration that your guests can receive.   - Shampoo (30ml): This shampoo is ideal for frequent use, helping to moisturize and smoothen your. The shampoo has the pleasant olive oil aroma that characterizes all of our olive oil cosmetic products. - Shower Gel (30ml): This shower gel is a thick pearly green gel with characteristic olive aroma, well suited for frequent use. The contained olive oil moisturizes and invigorates the skin during every shower.

Discover the best gift for cheap christening

If you want to save you can do it by ordering in this section the cheapest christening details that you can find in the market.

There are events such as baptisms in which the budget of the families may be more limited by various factors, however that should not be a problem for you if you bet on the following gifts.

We have in stock hundreds of references prepared to be really economical and cheap for any pocket.

Save with your cheap christening details

The gifts for baptisms are small presents that symbolize a detail with a person, in this case those attending a baptism. It is not necessary to disburse a large amount of money, because christening gifts should be cheap, it is only a way to thank for the assistance and for sharing a nice holiday with the closest ones.

With these items you will have what you are looking for for less than you imagine and you will also be saving compared to other stores. We set real and market adjusted prices to be as cheap as possible.

Cheap christening gifts but with great quality

Do you think the price is important? Yes, without a doubt it is an important factor but there are others that will make your gift appreciated as it deserves. One detail is not better than others because it is more expensive, but because of its personality.

The cheap price of our christening gifts is not at odds with their quality, resulting in very cheap and quality in all the items available for sale. We rely on reputable brands that offer guarantees of a high qualitative level.

At the right time, when the time is perfect, attendees will receive the gift on the day of the baptism and will be surprised, there is no doubt that the price is not the number one factor to hit with your gifts, other more important issues such as originality and the feeling of attachment balance the balance in your favor.

Take the opportunity and stand out at the christening with a cheap and beautiful gift. You can customize it by taking advantage of the promotion you will see within each product page, with the guarantee that your attendees will be happy and you will have achieved the objective of acquiring souvenir items for a fair price, saving with us on your online purchases.