Miniature multifloral honey jar | Quantity 30gr

Honey miniature

Honey with almonds 100 g Customizable.
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Jar of honey with nuts. Detail of honey and almonds, in glass format with customizable decorative wrapping, with pattern and interior design. Choose the presentation of your gift of events with a unique design to suit you. It contains: 100 g of honey 15 g of almonds.

Buy online Honey miniatures for gifts from guests to events

In this category you can buy miniature honey for weddings, communions or any other event, the sweetest gift directly for your guests.

Jars of Honey

Our honey jars are a good option to give to your guests on special occasions. Giving honey at a wedding, giving away jars of honey at a christening ... This sweet alternative with which you can surprise yours is as natural as it is original.

Give honey

Presented in small format, our mini jars of honey for gifts can also be combined with other gourmet options. These honey jars are also customizable. In them you can include ties, labels, messages ... What you want according to your tastes and preferences to surprise both family and friends.

Why give honey?

The honey jars that you will find in this category not only add to the finished care of the format, but the product itself is a detail as original as praised for its many nutritional and antibiotic properties, among others.