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Gourmet Miniature

Square Bottle EVOO (100 ml)
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Square Bottle EVOO (100 ml) La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is presented in a new and attractive 100 ml packaging, ideal for decorating the most selected tables in breakfasts, lunches or dinners adding a touch of unique distinction that can be complemented with our sherry vinegar in the same packaging. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterized mainly by four factors: - An intense yellow colour with some traces of green; - A mellow and plane taste, without the sharpness or the bitterness characteristic of the olive oils from the South of Spain. The tasting of our olive oil is an authentic pleasure; - A dense fruity mature aroma; - A very high fatty acids content; in this respect, it is one of the best extra virgin olive oils of all Spain.
Chocolate Olives
€5.90 -5%
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8 reviews
Chocolate Olives These olives, naturally, aren´t olives at all but almonds, covered in a thick layer of delicious creamy chocolate. They are coloured green and brown to look like mixed olives in the bag. You won´t be able to eat only one… Presentation: Bag 150 g. Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa (60%), cocoa butter, almonds (26%), milk powder (C264M, C425), food coloring (E-102, E-142, E-110), lecithin and vanilla.
Fig vinegar 100 ml.
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A 100% artisan product Fig artisanal vinegar. To accompany a meal, vegetables, salads, meats, etc. It is ideal for gift to guests at events such as weddings, baptisms and confirmations. It can be customized with an organza bag and personalized card.
100ml square vinegar bottle
€1.65 -5%
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4 reviews
A Sherry Vinegar with designation of origin La Chinata brand This innovative bottle of vinegar "La Chinata" is ideal for presentation at major events and even give it away for celebrations (weddings, communions, baptisms, etc).
Olive Oil iO Black, gift for baptims
€5.40 -10%
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Olive oil IO black for present baptism. The oilve oil IO black for gifth of baptism is a produit perfect for present of wedding, communions or baptism. This olive oil virgin extra is autentic "coupege" with arome intense and very nice. This olive oil is present in a elegant bottle of simple lines for gift with a measure of 100 ml.

Small gifts and miniatures gourmet products

The importance of a good detail in essence, in small or miniature with all the magic and flavor possible. In this section you can find some examples of small gifts or miniatures of your favorite gourmet products among others that will amaze you.

Buy online miniatures gourmet products

For the lovers of gastronomy we present these gourmet miniatures ideal for gifts at weddings, communions, baptisms or other type of event, a very tasty little detail.

The essence of each miniature product so that you can make a gift to your liking, with the best and most varied mini gourmet products, you can find from fig bonbons, to extra virgin olive oil or paprika of different varieties.

Buy small and original gifts

Find original small gifts for all lovers of good taste and with a developed palate. Small gifts of the best brands and originals like them alone.

The originality of a gift in smaller version, with these products you have at your disposal a range of small and highly original gifts, little seen and with exquisite taste. The best flavor for your palate or who receives the gift in its miniature version.

Small gifts for men

Discover some perfect small gifts for any type of man. Among our variety of small products we have a select variety and selection of the best small wines in 187 ml and 375 ml format with best-selling origin denomination, miniature cavas with an indescribable flavor.

These are designed to combine with each other, thus forming the best small gifts for men and high quality. Some examples that you can see in this section, small gift packs with wines and cheese creams.

Small gifts for women

We also show you some small gifts very suitable for women of any age and taste. Products such as olive oil, honey of different varieties and formats and traditional jams of many flavors so that you have a small gift for women out of series.

To give you more facilities we have prepared some combinations and packs that you can see in this section so you can see some examples and help you choose the best small gourmet miniature gift for a woman in a comfortable and simple way.

Discover incredible combinations for their quality and unbeatable price and the best thing is that they are unique and unforgettable gifts for any occasion that deserves it. Small details of jams and honey, or combinations of pate with olive oils presented in organza bags or trunks and very beautiful chests.

Small and cheap gifts

In our online store you can see a multitude of cheap and small gifts so that the price is not a problem. With our almost offer prices you will have at your disposal an incredible variety of gifts in small and really cheap formats adjusted for any budget.

Small gifts for birthdays

Our products in miniature format are an option to consider for birthday celebrations, in which you can gather all your friends and acquaintances and give them a small show of affection through these miniature gifts.

Celebrate your birthday with these gifts to your attendees, regardless of age and taste because you can find very different small gifts and for every taste, such as Beefeater and tonic miniatures in organza bags, to take the birthday party to another level having with them a nice little detail to give away.