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Trunk miniature for gifts
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Trunk Miniature for Gifts Casket miniature of wood, is perfevt for wedding gift, communion gift, baptism gift or even gift for events. It's a Casket with colours

These chests are perfect to keep the details of our online store, from gourmet products such as pate, jams, honey to miniature cosmetics for everyone. We have the perfect wedding chest for any detail of the online store.

If you are looking for a chest to store your wedding gifts you are in the right place. In this section you will find all our chests for wedding gifts, we have all the types you need, including the most demanded and with more variety are the wooden chests.

Wooden wedding chests

The wooden chests for weddings that you need we have here, discover all our offer in rustic wooden chests, bamboo and much more. We have for you different models of these wooden trunks with different sizes, from the smallest chests, through medium wooden chests to large wooden trunks for wedding where you can store absolutely everything you need.

Buy the best chests for wedding gifts

In addition, these types of products are great to keep any detail, from the gifts you can see on this page to a great idea of ​​using the chests for wedding cards and even the rings of the day of your link.

Wedding Chest Models

We have the best models of chests for weddings, you can find from some simpler and more formal chests for colored weddings, with flowers and ultimately decorated in many ways so you can choose from a wide variety.

Remember to choose a good model for these chests, because they must go in conjunction with your wedding. For the most classic you can choose the most neutral options, beige and similar, however if your wedding is more vintage we recommend wedding trunks decorated with maps.

Enjoy all the trunks for weddings in this section, you can find all the models and in each individual product you can see the relation of measures and dimensions of them, so that you buy the most appropriate wedding chest to the details that you have bought in the store.

Why buy a wedding chest?

Because you need to store the gifts, it is much better presented in a wooden wedding chest with a personal label.

How to decorate a wedding chest

Once you choose one of the trunks that we have at your disposal it is time to decorate it correctly, we advise you to know how to decorate a wedding chest in a simple and perfect way. Decorate them with colorful products, the best way to get attention is to choose products that give color to the chest, for example, chocolate bonbons, jams and very nice pates in terms of designs and quality image of our brand.