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Scrub Gel La Chinata
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La Chinata Exfoliating Gel Created based on extra virgin olive oil and crushed olive bones. Exfoliates and purifies gently, to obtain a glowing skin. The mineral salts that contribute the thermal waters act directly on the structure of the skin. Apply the gel on the skin of the face and body, massage the skin to exfoliate and rinse. Its use is recommended at least once a week.
Facezone Extra Smooth Scrub
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Olive Caviar Some beautiful olive-pearls, with very fine ground olive pits inside, clean so gently that facial care becomes a real pleasure. Exfoliating the skin, it regenerates more rapidly, eliminating dead skin cells and impurities that obstruct the pores, avoiding the formation of spots and pimples. It prepares the face for the following La Chinata Natural Edition treatments. Moisten your face and neck, preferably with warm water, and apply the necessary amount of product, avoiding the eyes. Massage gently in circular movements with your fingers. Rinse with cold water. Repeat the process two or three times a week. For best results, we recommend using La Chinata Natural Edition Facezone Overnight Renewal and Facezone Day Revitalizing cream. Contents: 70 ml.
Facezone Day Revitalizing SPF 15
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Protects the most visible skin After the repairing effect of the Facezone Overnight Renewal, this cream prepares the skin to face the day once more and protect it against external factors like the sun, pollution… or stress and weariness. The Olive Oil, Olive Leaf Extract and Thermal Water protect, moisturize and regenerate the skin. It penetrates rapidly, without leaving a greasy trace Apply on the clean skin of your face and neck, drumming gently with your fingers to stimulate the skin. Avoid contact with the area around the eyes. For best results, use together with La Chinata Natural Edition Facezone Overnight Renewal, designed to work better together. Contents: 75 ml.
Facezone Overnight Renewal Cream
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Facezone Overnight Renewal Cream Regenerates your skin while you’re sleeping It acts at night, eliminating accumulated tiredness in the face. It nourishes the skin and prepares it to start the day rested and luminous. The regenerative and antioxidant properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil delay the first signs of the passing of time, stimulating cellular renovation and skin elasticity, holding back the formation of wrinkles and expression lines. After cleaning your face, apply and drum gently with your fingers to stimulate the skin. Avoid contact with the area around your eyes. For best results, use in combination with the La Chinata Natural Edition Facezone Day Revitalizing cream, designed to work better together.Content: 75 ml.
Antiox Regenerating Serum (30ml)
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Antiox Regenerating Serum (30ml) Our serum is formulated upon active ingredients with powerful antioxidants like olive leaf extract and grapevine resveratrol. In addition, it has been enriched with regenerative Argan oil and geranium, bergamot and grapefruit essential oils Apply every morning and night on clean and dry face and neck. For better results we recommend using after our Natural Edition facezone creams.
Purifying Cleansing Milk
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Skin care begins with good cleaning The product eliminates rests of make-up and cleans the pores of dead skin cells and impurities. It doesn’t leave greasy residues on the skin, respecting the hydrolipidic film, the skin’s natural barrier that defends it against external factors.This is the first step for the subsequent treatment to be effective. For normal and mixed skin types. Apply on your face daily, in the morning and in the evening, massaging gently with your fingers to clean deeply. Remove with a wetted sponge or cotton swab, and afterwards apply tonifying olive water. Contents: 250 ml.
Nourishing face mask
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Nourishing face mask Made with ecologic extra virgin olive oil, honey and wheat germ. Its antioxidant and cellular regenerator ingredients avoid wrinkles and stretch marks, at the same time that nourish, regenerate and detox, giving elasticity and improving skin cellular function. Spread a thin layer over the face zone. Leave from 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Apply once or twice per week.

Info: Keep your face rejuvenated and looking proper using our natural cosmetics. We have a wide range of creams and facial tonics, ideal to keep the skin hydrated and at an optimal point.

We have facial creams of different types: moisturizing, hydronutritive, exfoliating, protective, nourishing, wrinkle, etc.

In addition, they contain healthy natural elements such as royal jelly, honey, aloe vera, extra virgin olive oil, etc.