Original details for the christening.

Details of original baptisms

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Original details for baptisms.

The baptism is the most important event as far as religion is concerned since it will be your first Eucharist and in which the boy or girl will be free from original sin and from the act of spilling water on the child will become part of The community of the Christian Church.

Around all ecclesiastical celebrations that revolve close to a sacrament or for some a simple tradition, endless details that some fathers and mothers suppose more than a headache.

In short, what is sought apart from receiving the sacraments is to present the child in society. Uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandmothers will come ... an eternal and endless list of guests to whom you will want to give your best reception. It will fill you with happiness and complacency to see that your son has joined the practice of faith for all who accompanied you that day.

What to give at the baptism of my son or daughter to the original guests?

You can choose from all the items we offer on our gifts page or create your own pack. There will be no more original if you decide to add the details of the ceremony, the name of the boy or girl even add their own print and image on the paper so that it is even more in line with the characteristics of your baptism.

The gifts should be something symbolic, a souvenir or a thank you detail for your guests if you have any questions you can contact us

Reasons for giving original details to guests.

By tradition we all like to receive a good original gift and the gifts for guests are made in gratitude and to have a gift of remembrance of the baptism.

In an emotional event such as a baptism, you want every detail to be perfectly and to be unique, so one of the original gifts that we propose will be a perfect memory of the day when you welcomed the new member of the family.

How to make the original details of baptism guests even more unique.

Details for guests can always be personalized with the cards that will be included free for more than 24 units. You can pack combinations to your liking with the details that we propose on the web or simply choose one of those that we propose and include a card with the name of the boy or girl and the date of the event.

Remember that if you want you can contact us by chat, by email or by phone.