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The best quality Extremadura Cava

In the search for excellence we have incorporated in our online store some of the best cavas in the land of Extremadura, in this section you can see them in detail and buy the best.

Cava Extremadura brands

There are multiple brands of Cava from Extremadura, however, not all of them have the same quality or the price is not the most appropriate, we have the most demanded brands and are available to you just a few clicks away by buying one of them online at this store on-line.

Only sparkling wines in Extremadura from Almendralejo (Badajoz) can be called cava in our online store we have the Sierra de Guadalupe cava brands with Denomination of Origin the variety of brut or semi-dry cava, and Ex de Semmadura Semi dry.

Recommendations Cava de Extremadura

If you want to enjoy the authentic cava of this wonderful land, we especially recommend the 750 ml semi-dry variety Vía de la Plata cava, with Extremadura Food Designation of Origin and Parellada and Macabeo grape variety, you will be surprised Its price and quality.

Cava Extremeño prices

Here you can see all the prices of our Cava Extremeño. Depending on the bottle we can talk about prices that range between two euros and seven euros. The price is always marked by the quality of the cava, but without a doubt everyone shares the same roots and origin.

Where to buy Cava from Extremadura?

The cava market and even more the Extremeño has extended to multiple corners of the Spanish geography and the world and thanks to new technologies and electronic commerce you have the option of acquiring our cava wherever you are.

Cava Extremadura online

Now you can buy Cava from Extremadura online, directly from your smartphone or laptop. In our online store we have the tools to process your order safely and quickly so you can finally buy your Extremeño cava online.