Jams for weddings, communions and baptims. Original gifts.

Jams for weddings, communion and baptism

Beige trunk, raspberry jam, honey and cherry jam for gift
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Beige trunk, raspberry jam, honey and cherry jam for gift Careful! The personalized cards only be free if the total amount is exceeds the 24 units, in the event of smaller number will not be executed unless that you buy the add-oncard separately

Marmalades for weddings

Marmalades for weddings, communions and baptisms are original gifts for any of your events. We can customize the jams with organza bags, wooden trunks or even with wrapping paper. In addition, if you purchase more than 24 units, the personalized card will be totally free.

Give homemade jam

There is no better way to impress than with something traditional.

Homemade wedding jams

Homemade jams made in a completely traditional way, with very careful and top quality elaborations.

Small jams to give away

Perfect details because you can buy different formats of miniature jams. A gift for your wedding and event guests who can enjoy varied and tasty flavors.

Mini jams for weddings

These handmade jams are perfect to combine in your details and gifts.

Miniature jams

Being miniatures you can create your pack in a trunk or organza bag with other jams and products available.

Jam for cheap weddings

Besides being delicious they are really cheap. A nickname quality at a modest price. The cheapest homemade jams in the market.

Jars of jam for weddings

These small jars of handmade jams for weddings are presented in different and varied flavors that, in addition, can be customized with organza bags, wooden trunks or wrapping paper. They can also be complemented with other artisanal and quality products, such as small bottles of Jaén oil.

In this section you can find a large crowd of jam jars to give away.