Organza bags

Organza bags

Organza bag (10cm x 13cm)
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Organza bag (10cm x 13cm) Organza bags are ideal for wrapping and decorating wedding details, communion, christening or any event. They are made of organza, it's a kind of ideal for this type of celebrations tissue. They are very elegant bags that have two ribbons of the same color and made of a soft fabric.Size: 10 inches wide by 13 inches high. This bag is designed for small details.

What is organza?

Organza is a very delicate and fine fabric, which is normally used decoratively. There are countless usage options, but on most occasions it is used to decorate or deliver gifts.

At Regalos Gourmet Online we have organza bags available so you can choose the perfect option to deliver gifts at events such as weddings, baptisms, communions or any type of celebration.

Features of organza bags

Organza bags are made of a fabric woven with silk thread. It is characterized by its peculiar transparency and has many uses.

The organza gift bags we offer are known for their extreme sophistication. They are made with silk thread and synthetic fibers. The bag is therefore translucent, which is a big plus. They are very versatile and in fact always look good. They are perfect for intimate family events and for large events. Depending on your choice of color, tone or filling, an organza bag will look good at a wedding, birthday party, baptism or communion.

Buy organza bags online

If you are looking for special packaging for a big occasion, then your best option is organza bags. They stand out for their elegance and sophistication, capable of enhancing the importance and meaning of the objects inside. Therefore, organza bags are widely used for small gifts that are given as souvenirs at weddings and events.

On our website you can find bags of all kinds, including organza bags of different sizes to store different objects, from larger gifts to gifts like a fan that are much narrower and longer.

Discover the variety of organza bags available!