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Original communion details.

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Original communion details.

All kinds of gifts and details designed so that your guests have a good memory of that special day. In this section you will find all the latest details for events especially for communions.

Your child's first communion is not a normal day, it is a unique event that he or she and the rest of the guests will remember for a long time so you want everything to be perfect and the little details are a key point.

What are original communion gifts?

In gourmet gifts online we always try to bring you the best offer in details and memories for event guests. For both men and women and children of all ages there is a wide range of combinations and designs among which you will surely find that new detail that you are looking for

How to choose the original communion detail most suitable for me?

There are gifts that will be specially designed for you, that is, some of our products can be combined to make a new original souvenir with the items that we have in our store. You can choose the combination you prefer, the card if you carry more than 24 free units can make a big difference or you can choose the pattern of your jams. In short, you have all the tools to make your gift unique.

Here you will find many gift ideas that you will not easily find in other stores, gourmet gifts, special original gifts ... All this can be found between the following lines.

However, if you have not yet decided to know what will be the detail that will reign among your guests or you have a tight budget, contact us and we will help you make a souvenir gift for guests made to measure.

What gift for communion to buy?

We always bet on food products because they are of high quality, exclusive flavors, with a price without competition and you can take into account the preferences of each guest, since there are gluten-free items and a multitude of flavors. Everyone likes to receive a detail that leaves them with a good taste in the mouth after the treat, a handmade jam is a great detail for its presentation in orcio format, its image of the center and print that you can choose yourself. You can choose a good design from among those that we propose or send us one of yours.

Why give a gift to your child's communion guests?

They say that things are enjoyed three times, when they are planned, when it happens and when it is remembered. After enjoying communion with you, make them remember that very endearing day that you spent together.

They will love it, in addition if you have little time to prepare for the details our deliveries are fast and if you still have doubts or need advice we will be available in the chat, phone or email.