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Cheap communion gifts

Gel and Body Milk
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Gel and Body Milk Surprise your guests with the most original gift, ideal like celebation gift. Personalized packaging, you can put the name or the date like you want.   This is the better gift for wedding, communion or any celebration that your guests can receive.   - This moisturizing cream (30ml) with extra virgin olive oil moisturizes the skin and protects it against external factors. It preserves the integral structure of the dermis, allowing better regeneration and enhanced skin firmness. - Shower Gel (30ml): This shower gel is a thick pearly green gel with characteristic olive aroma, well suited for frequent use. The contained olive oil moisturizes and invigorates the skin during every shower.
Miniatures bodymilk with box
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Miniature of natural cosmetics, a present for surprise for all the guest of the event. It's recommanded for wedding, communions, baptism and other type of celebration. This magnifique kit is formed for a bodymilk miniature with box of wood.

The best cheap communion gifts

Communions are approaching, that special day for our children and for us (parents). In this online store we know that it is a day in which the preparations are many, clothes, hairdresser, accessories, restaurant, gifts or details for the guests ... That is why we have gifts designed for you, because we know that all pockets are not Likewise, here you can find cheap communion details to give to your guests. But first we want to clarify that for us cheap has nothing to do with poor quality, if not quite the opposite, we explain what we mean by this.

How to choose a detail that fits your budget?

In our online store you can find those details of cheap communion of all kinds, we have miniatures in food such as pate, cheese creams, jams, oil, wines, chocolates ... or details with cosmetics such as perfumes, soap bars, creams body, bath salts, gels ... All these products are indicated to make custom combinations with them, so the final price you choose, since according to the products you add in each pack, this will be the final price of the detail . Let us give an example so that you understand it better, a pack containing a jar of cream of sheep cheese with a jar of red fruit jam in an organza bag, could cost you around € 1.50, now, if it seems little, or you think your budget may be higher, you can add to the pack, for example, a small jar of honey and a couple of chocolates, and the price will increase by approximately 90 cents, approximately.

Why buy cheap communion details at Gourmet Gifts?

Because we are a company dedicated to creating different communion details.

Because you can customize your details to fit your budget.

Because we are fast in the preparation of the order and its delivery.

Because we are at your disposal practically all day to help you and solve all your doubts.

Because our details, being combinations created by ourselves, are exclusive and very difficult to find the same in other stores.

In short, if you want to offer your son or daughter's communion guests a cheap and different communion detail, do not hesitate to place all your trust in your trusted store, we will not let you down.