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If you are looking for this type of wine, we are pleased to inform you that we have the most varied rose wine bottles in this section of our online store, some of them in very rare formats that can be used for personal enjoyment or for give spices on days and even at events to attendees.

In any case, we invite you to see with your own eyes all the items listed here to see firsthand our variety of deep pink before making your purchase with us.

The best rosé wines

As for rosé wine, we have at your disposal the best of the best, without a doubt that lover of this variety of wine can enjoy from a good Peñascal to Pitarra rosé wine.

Rosé wines recommended

We mainly recommend Peñascal as a very valid option either for its fruity aroma with wild fruits, as for its widely clean pink color and a unique shine.

Good and cheap rosé wines

The best rosés you can find at a highly attractive and really cheap price to enjoy the best rosé wine in Spain.

Buy rosé wines at good prices

If the price of these wines is a problem for you, it also matters to us, so we offer you a diversity of formats and capacities from 75 cl to 5 liters, demonstrable quality products and prices that are not high.

Spanish rosé wines

In the last year the consumption of rosé wines has increased considerably in Spain, around a growth close to 25%, so it is not surprising that Spanish rosé wines have something to do with these metrics.

Rosé wines of Spain

In our online store you can see a multitude of rosé wines from Spain, we are committed to the country brand offering you the best rosés for your delight.

What are rosé wines?

If you are wondering what is rosé wine, the answer is simple, it is a variety of wine that in terms of its color derives from reds, but is remarkably different in certain aspects which gives it a pink color which can vary in different shades from a light pink to violet tone depending on the grapes with which it was made as well as its form of production that can be by contact with the skins, mixture or bleeding.