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Cutty Shark miniature for weddings
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CUTTY SARK WHISKY MINI FOR WEDDING Cutty Sark miniature is a whisky perfect for gift or wedding, communions and baptism. It is presented into bottle of 5 cl. Which can be personalized with an organza bag, tie, custom papel or card

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Miniature Whiskey bottles will cause a sensation among guests at your wedding or special event.

In addition to having a delicious flavor and aroma, Whiskey is one of the most recognized drinks in the world, so who could resist the gift of a mini bottle of Whiskey?

The term Whiskey or Whiskey is derived from the Irish Gaelic Uisce Beathadh and the Scottish Gaelic Uisce Beatha, which means "Water of Life", so many will be happy to enjoy the "water of life" as a souvenir of your party.

If what you are looking for is a detail or gift to give the guests of your wedding, birthday, births or any other important celebration, the Whiskey mini bottles are the perfect option and also very successful.

Miniature whiskey bottles

If you have already decided to buy the elegant and sophisticated Whiskey miniature bottles to give to your wedding, event or celebration guests, we want to congratulate you on such a wise decision. As a detail it is a very good option, because we have the essence of a Whiskey in a suitable gift format that your guests will surely enjoy if you decide to present it as a present at a particular celebration or event.

The detail of giving away Mini Whiskey bottles will be a sensation among the guests, whether they are men or women, it is a unique, original and perfect gift. It will be a special touch and will make a difference when they remember your event or celebration.

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Whiskey Miniatures

We have a range of options for you to choose the one of your choice, including: 12 year old Chivas Regal Whiskey bottles, 8 year old DYC miniature bottle, White Law mini whiskey, William Lawson's miniature whiskey, Passby miniature whiskey, JB Whiskey bottle, and many other brands of excellent quality.

Characteristics of Mini Whiskey Bottles

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage is a beverage obtained by the distillation of fermented malt from cereals such as barley, wheat, rye and corn.

Subsequently the distilled beverage goes through an aging process in wooden barrels, traditionally white oak.

A curious fact is that whiskeys do not ripen in bottles, only in the barrel, so the age of whiskey is the time between distillation and bottling.

Among others the most outstanding features of Whiskey miniatures are the following:

✅ Packaging: Plastic

✅ Quantity per bottle: 5 cl

✅ Measurements: 10.5 cm high x 10 cm

✅ Weight: 60gr

Why buy Whiskey Miniature Bottles to give away?

Buy miniature bottles of Whiskey to give to guests the special day of your wedding has many positive advantages, let's see some that can help you when making your decision:

✅ They are easy to store: your guests can easily store their gift without damage, even the bride and groom can pack the gifts in a few boxes because of their size they take up less space.

✅ They weigh less: its mini size favors carrying it with it because it weighs nothing, in addition, for those who must load the boxes they will know how to thank you.

✅ They are usually cheaper: in comparison with other gifts it is accessible and you can even give away two mini bottles for each guest.

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