Vodka miniatures for wedding details or guest gifts

Miniatures Vodka

Miniature Absolut Raspberri for weddings
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MINIATURE OF ABSOLUT RASPERRI FOR WEDDING. The miniature of Absolut Raspberri mini is a vodka that will be surprise for the touch to strawberry ripe. Is an vodka fresh and with personality. It is perfect for wedding gift, communion gift or baptism gift. It is presented in the bottle in miniature of 5 cl.
Miniature vodka Red Rives
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MINIATURA VODKA RED RIVES The miniature of vodka red rives is one of the vodkas premiun more famous elaborated with endrinas and berries. It is presented in a miniature bottle of 5 cl.

Small bottle of vodka

In this section you will find some of the best and best-selling 5 cl Vodka miniature bottles, a miniature vodka format that is ideal for gifts for wedding guests, events or celebrations.

Small vodka bottle Price

We have very affordable prices in small vodka bottles, price from € 1.75 for the vodka miniatures you need.

Vodka brands

Discover the best whiskey brands and place your order in a simple way. Among the brands we sell you will find mainly.

  • Absolut Vodka
  • Vodka Gecko
  • Vodkka Gray Goose
  • Vodka Rives
  • Smirnoof Vodka