Gift baskets for intolerant gluten-free and lactose-free

Gift baskets for gluten and lactose intolerant

Gluten-free gift boxes without lactose

We have what you need, if you are gluten or lactose intolerant we offer several options so you can also enjoy gifts for celiacs or lactose intolerant people.

Christmas baskets for celiacs

More and more cases in which the celiac disease causes the body of people who are widely affected to the point of having to stop consuming certain products, such as Christmas baskets.

Celiac disease is a disease that permanently causes intolerance to gluten, a protein that is present in some cereals such as wheat. Anyone can be or suffer at any age gluten intolerance. Celiacs have to mercilessly eliminate gluten from their diet, taking special care with cross contamination.

Although in recent times there are more resources and the supply has increased, there are still problems for those people intolerant to gluten. That is why we offer Christmas cases for gluten intolerant or as it is often known, celiac.

Lactose-free Christmas cases

Likewise, we consider people who have lactose intolerance. Lactose is disaccharide, also called as milk sugar.

Lactose intolerant people have difficulty digesting products that contain this substance, which unfortunately includes a wide range of milk products, mammalian milks, such as cow, goat, sheep, among others.

We, aware of the problem it causes, have opted to create cases for intolerant people, with products that do not contain lactose and are in turn nutritious and delicious.

Now you will have no problem, whether you are a company or an individual, when you want to give a lactose-free Christmas basket for employees, friends or acquaintances, you have rich and not least important ideas with us, they are good for your health.

Baskets without gluten or lactose

When you have this kind of problem, you may have intolerance to both. Therefore, although we have specific cases, we can not miss the opportunity to offer Christmas cases as the perfect gluten-free gift for celiac or lactose.

Because our customers care about us and we don't want a Christmas detail to be ruined by not having an option for you too.

In this way, you can enjoy gluten-free and lactose-free baskets. Without more problem, just acquire it and enjoy it without fear.