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The best wines reserve

Reserve wines are those wines in which their minimum aging period must be 36 months. Of these, 12 months must be aged in oak barrels, while the remaining 24 months must be bottled. In the case of white and rosé wines the aging period changes, since these must be at least 24 months.

We have reserve wines with designation of origin Duero, Rioja or Guadiana.

Reserve wines at the best price

The reserve wine is one whose aging and maturation time provide a high value for the constitution of reserve wines. The price of our reserve wines are of a high balance of flavor and experience.

The taste, color and smell of these reserve wines is highly potent and are made with the utmost respect for the environment. Find your recommended wine reservation in this section of our online store ready to buy and enjoy them alone or in good company.

Wine quality reserves

We have a wide range of reserve wines that you can find, of superior quality and at a good price almost on offer, the best for reserve wine lovers.

Why buy reserve wine?

Simply because it is a gourmet wine very suitable for pairing. Buying wine reserve is the best option for those who enjoy a good tasting moment. A liquid delight and you can not stop enjoying it alone or accompanied. Enough reason why you should not miss a bottle of the best reserve wine in Spain.