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Christening detail for children

Pack 30 backpacks, 30 wax packs + case + dinosaur rubber egg
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Pack 30 backpacks, waxes and rubber eggs Pack of 30 non wave backpacks, washable, with waxes Measures: 25 x 30 cm Includes 5 colored waxes per backpack. A plastic egg, half green, half transparent 7 erasers shaped like different dinosaurs Egg: 5x4x4cm Pencil case and red pencil sharpener. 6 pencils 1 pencil sharpener 1 cardboard case. Measures: 10.00 x 2.50 cm Material: Cardboard / Wood / Plastic

The best christening detail for a child

Find in our catalog the best christening details for children of all ages. In our online store you have at your disposal a selection of gifts for children in baptisms, some great ideas with which to offer the perfect gift to your smallest guests.

In the baptisms, when the family increases, we must reward such a day to the small attendees to the christening appointment, so we have added to our site a multitude of products for children of the most varied and fun.

The original details for best-selling child christening

Do you know what details are sweeping the smallest? We do, most of the invited children await the detail with enough eagerness, the ones that stand out the most at the moment are those that arouse creativity while entertaining and entertaining in equal parts.

Christening detail ideas for children

These details are perfect because they effectively promote the educational game, for example the Chinese stick game known as Mikado, a healthy and fun game that the little ones know how to value.

But there is much more, here you will find everything from fabric backpacks to customizable cases that include waxes to draw. What child does not love to paint? practically all children have fun and entertain themselves so do not discard the idea of ​​making a christening gift for children like the ones you can find and buy in our online store.

We also have goodies and goodies, a typical detail for the little ones in different formats and sizes. The classic cone with jelly beans or boxes with baubles inside which no child could resist.

These are some of the ideas for details of christening children that you can see in this category, but we have much more to offer you so do not miss the opportunity, explore and analyze everything in detail so that you can match with your gift for children invited to the christening.

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Here we have the best prices of the moment, find a multitude of products and children's gifts for the celebration of the baptism of your son / daughter. We know the market, we negotiate with the manufacturers directly to offer you the best possible price without sacrificing the quality of the details.

Discover all the details of cheap christening for children in this section, remember that you will save with us, since we have the best prices at your fingertips.