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Honey with Royal Jelly
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HONEY WITH ROYAL JELLY The honey with royal jelly is perfect for all his property beneficial in the honey like in the royal.  It is perfect for the childrend and the adults that dislike the bitter flavour of the fresh jelly. The honey softing the bitter and take easy the jally
Honey with nuts to customize 115 g
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Honey with nuts to customize Honey in format of orcio for gift 115 g to give away. Customize this great combination of honeys and nuts with a personalized package that will not go unnoticed by your event guests. It is a nice gift in an orcio format with natural components beneficial for health. Contains: cg Format: Orcio Crystal.

Buy derived honey products

Buy foods derived from honey. Sale of derived products with all the properties of honey. Discover all the flavors of our products in this section.

Enjoy your products and the sweet taste of honey and derivatives that makes all its derivatives have a rich flavor.

Honey derivatives include arrope, peanuts with honey, pipes with honey, caramelized almonds and honey-filled candies. All these products have all the benefits of honey. Try these products, you will love it.

Products made with honey derivatives

We have at your disposal a selection with products derived from honey, of superior quality and with the best prices, the best to take care of your health in a different way, from candies to caramelized almonds.

Why buy honey-derived product?

Because it is a way to take care of even the smallest details in your health and always keep in mind to buy products derived from honey. It is recommended for those who want to take care of their health thanks to the properties of honey and all its derivatives.

Our honey products are a delight and now you have all the healthy benefits at your disposal, this is enough reason why you should always have honey products by your side for natural consumption every day.

Honey derivatives and use of each

Depending on the product in question the use may vary, for example our honey and propolis candies are perfect to prevent colds and strengthen the immune system, having the candy format we can enjoy the flavor and its benefits at any place and time.

On the other hand other products such as liquid propolis, another great derivative of honey, it is advisable to do it in the morning, with a few drops in a spoon or in a yogurt or mixed with milk.

For special occasions, for example we can take out our honey-almonds and taste a few before dinner.