▷ Miniature colony for gifts at weddings and events

Colonies and miniature perfumes

Who would not like to be given something as useful and elegant as a perfume or a miniature cologne at a wedding? Be original, surprise your guests! Give delicious aromas and fragrances, you can get them at the best prices in our online store.

Offers in cologne, perfume, cologne, perfume water in small and miniature formats

So is! RegalosGourmetOnline.com, offers you the opportunity to give colognes and miniature perfumes for them and them, specially designed to give our guests on unique occasions such as your wedding day, Without a doubt, your guests will love this fabulous detail, They will not forget it and will remember your special event for a long time.

Miniature wedding perfumes

Make the details of colognes and perfumes in miniature of your wedding the most original memory that your friends, family and guests take in general.

Give colognes and perfumes miniature

Give Colonies and delicious miniature perfumes to the guests on the special day of your wedding is the ¡Boom !! More original of the moment. In RegalosGourmetOnline.com we make that dream come true, we have for you a wide range of fragrances to give on that memorable day.

They will be very surprised and the best thing is that the guests will not only appreciate the detail so exclusive, practical and useful, but also associate the delicious aroma with the special day of your wedding, making a positive emotional effect with the event

Variety of colognes and perfumes miniature to give away

We invite you to visit our gallery to visualize the variety of options, colognes and miniature perfumes for ladies, gentlemen and of the same variety for girls and boys.

Women miniature perfume and colognes

We have an apple-shaped miniature women's cologne, with a very elegant and presentable presentation with a fresh fragrance that any lady will like.

Perfume water "Caramel" with a delicate presentation in different colors is a very nice way to give the ladies a sweet aroma that will fascinate them.

Colognes and perfume miniature girls and / or boys

With a fun "Ladybug" shape comes the perfume water to give to the girls invited to any of your special events with a pleasant and fun aroma.

The children who receive these bears with cologne will feel excited and their parents grateful for such a valuable show of affection that they will be very useful.

Colonies and miniature perfume for men

To give to the men friends and guests at your wedding, we have the fresh Deliex cologne and varied perfumes, especially those gentlemen who like to be accompanied by an elegant aroma will know how to thank you.

Buy colognes and perfumes miniature

In our online store you can buy from the comfort of your home colonies and perfumes in miniature, in small formats of your choice, for all tastes and that fit your budget.