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Sliced ham

Buy sliced ​​Iberian ham

Buy online sliced ​​ham vacuum packed. Sale of sliced ​​hams with all the flavor and experience of the Dehesa Extremeña. Here you can buy the best Iberian ham with sliced ​​acorn. As you well know depending on the part of the ham that is cutting.

In this section you will find sliced ​​and knife-cut Iberian ham, in addition we also have sliced ​​ham sliced ​​by machine.

Quality sliced ​​hams

We have at your disposal a selection with sliced ​​ham, sliced ​​Iberian shoulder or sliced ​​Iberian ham, of Extremaduran superior quality and at the best price, the best for your palate, or delicacy that will brighten the view, taste and smell from the simplicity and ease of presentation.

Why buy sliced ​​hams?

Because both Iberian ham, bait or field are an exquisite delicacy that everyone will appreciate, a national treasure that you can now buy sliced. It is the most recommended for those who want to enjoy the powerful flavor and taste that a good sliced ​​ham produces.

In addition, being in very thin slices and vacuum packed will be preserved for a longer time. By recommendation it is preferable to open the packaging a certain time before consumption and for a better gastronomic experience it is recommended that the slices remain at room temperature and be as juicy as possible.

It is a delight to consume sliced ​​Iberian or Serrano ham, accompanied by a good bread, with wine or beer it is even more delicious.

The best slices of ham

Cutting the ham like a professional is not easy, there are few people who have the ability and knowledge to slice a ham correctly, slices thin enough so that the power and taste is exceptional.

We put it simply and quickly at your full disposal, so that with our ham slices you will have at your disposal the experience of a master ham cutter in your home, being really simple to be able to rejoice in the best flavors of ham.

Buy today the best sliced ​​ham. Your most delicious ham, cut into thin slices by knife or machine, with the taste of the Pigs of the Extremeña Dehesa, ready to consume and enjoy a highly rewarding experience for you and those with whom you decide to share a piece of Extremadura cuisine.