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Natural jams

Extra marmalade of tomato ideal to sprinkle on the toasts
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Extra Tomato Jam Without sugar This artisanal jam is 100% natural, as it contains no preservatives or additives. It is handcrafted based on top quality raw materials. It should be noted that the raw materials used to make this jam are collected at their optimum ripening point to give a better taste to the jams. This extra tomato jam is ideal for spreading on breakfast toast.

We have varieties of natural vegetable and fruit jams, handcrafted to accompany your best meals.

Natural jams without sugar

We have many natural jams without sugars so you can enjoy them in a rich and healthy way for your balanced diet. You have in this section 100% natural handmade jams, without added preservatives or other types of additives, with the quality raw material collected at the appropriate time of ripening.

Extra jams with a quality label of "Food of Extremadura" with a very high content of fruits without sugar and gluten.

The best 100% natural jams

Take care of your body and mind with natural foods, 100% natural jams are perfect to combine a good breakfast with the care of your healthy diet.

Why buy natural jam without sugar?

Mainly because it is a source of health and well-being that will allow you to enjoy your breakfast spreading the best natural jams without risk to eat ultraprocessed foods. The natural jams of this online store is for real people fooder, natural sugar-free jam with high percentage of vitamins and made in a traditional and environmentally friendly way.

Our sugar-free jams are delicious, you can have a wide variety of flavors available in this section of our online store: tomato jam, raspberry jams, strawberry jam, peach jams, cherry jam, plum jams, orange jam Sweet, blackberry jams, blueberries, quince jam and much more.