Nougat and sweets

Nougat and sweets

Buy nougat online for Christmas

The nougat is par excellence the sweet favorite of the Christmas season, a piece is enough to fill you with the happiness of these dates. That's why nougat gifts are the perfect option to surprise and sweeten your loved ones. Besides that you can not miss Christmas dinner as one of the desserts of that special night.

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Nougat History

It is very common that all Spanish sweets contain honey and almonds as the main condiment. But the origin of the nougat is due to the Muslim expansion that controlled the peninsular territory until the fall of the Kingdom of Granada in 1492, date of the end of the Christian reconquest of Spain.

The nougat is one of these candies that has its origin in Al-Andalus and the first place in which there is proof of its production is Jijona, formerly known as Vila de Sexena. The name of the dessert comes, according to most experts in the field, from torrat, for being a mixture of nuts and honey roasted directly in the fire.

Nougat the Two Brothers

They are considered the masters of nougat in Castuera Dos Hermanos, this brand has more than 50 years manufacturing nougat. Hence, they are the best in the market since they do not fail to make the classic hard, soft and yolk nougat. As well as the new standard nougat, the excellence of the brand is due to the passion they have for almonds.

The variety of products are made by a high percentage of dried almonds, which gives it the hallmark of supreme quality. They are a benchmark of Spanish cuisine and not only during the Christmas season, since for many consumers the nougat is a gourmet dessert that is consumed throughout the year.

If what you want is to have a detail with a nougat presented in a traditional way, or you want the gift to be discreet and you don't want to give a nougat bar. We recommend two options that are sure to look great.

Assorted Christmas Two Brothers

This special Christmas presentation contains 8 pieces of hard, soft nougat, chocolate, almond, guirlache, nuts, toasted yolk, coconut and polvorón. With a weight of 200 grams.

Almond Polvorones Dos Hermanos

They are made from wheat flour, sugar, almonds and aromas. It is suggested to keep the polvorones of Extremadura in cool places. The weight of this set is 500 grams.

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