▷ Miniature bottles of gin and gin and tonic for weddings 【In Kit and Pack】

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Give this great miniature in any type of event Gordons gin in miniature for gift of weddings, gift of communions, gifts of baptims. Bottles in miniatures with alcohol. Buy in our online store.

Miniature bottles of gin and gin and tonic, ideal for guest gifts at weddings, events or celebrations.

Geneva mini bottles or gin miniatures are a phenomenal idea to show appreciation for the guests at your event.

Gin miniatures: Original mini bottles of Geneva

If what you are looking for is some detail or gift to give the guests of your wedding, birthday, births or any other important celebration, the mini bottles of Geneva are the perfect option.

Gin is a delicious alcoholic beverage that gets its predominant flavor from juniper berries. It can be taken alone, enjoyed with ice or simply combined with other ingredients and turned into refreshing cocktails.

Buy Mini Bottles Geneva

For the hosts of the party, sometimes it is a real headache to buy the right detail or gift for the party guests ... At least, until they find gifts like these mini bottles of gin.

The elegant and sophisticated Mini Bottles of Geneva turn out to be a unique, original and perfect gift for your wedding, event or celebration guests, they will also give that exclusive touch to the memory that will be taken, in addition, giving away Geneva miniatures is very fashionable .

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You will have to choose between the best brands of Geneva and Geneva Premium miniatures, such as: bottles of Puerto de Indias, mini Bulldog, mini bottles of Bombay blue, Hendrick´s in miniature and many more.

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Characteristics of the Mini Bottles of Geneva

Gin is a brandy derived from the Dutch genever or jenever. Its alcoholic graduation varies between 37º and 47º.

It is obtained by distillation of the barley without malting, rectified with juniper berries, flavored with cardamom, angelica and other herbs that give it its delicious and delicate fragrance that characterizes it (cassia bark, lily and orange peel).

Among others the most outstanding characteristics of the Geneva miniatures are the following:

-Plastic container

-Quantity per bottle: 5 cl

-Measures: 10.5 cm high x 10 cm

-Weight: 60gr

Buy small gin bottles

Our mini bottles of Geneva can be purchased as individual batches of small gin bottles, or complete the round gift with our gin and tonic kit for weddings. Any choice will be unique and special for your guests, making this gift something chic and fun.