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Buy Cheese from Extremadura

We have a wide variety of cured or semi-cured cheeses of both sheep and goat from Extremadura. They can buy whole or wedge cheeses. We also have 'Torta de la Serena', typical of our area and with designation of origin. These cakes are soft, semi cured or cured with extra virgin olive oil. We have a wide range of cheeses for the most demanding palates.

Types of cheeses

In our online store you can buy a variety of cheese from Extremadura, a delicacy typical of these lands and very famous throughout the world.

Spanish goat cheeses

Cheese cured with goat's milk, the best cheeses cured with a slight acidity and intense smell of goat, with a buttery appearance. We have cured white goat cheeses and semi-cured goat cheeses.

Sheep cheese Añejo de Extremadura

A typical cheese made from raw sheep's milk, pressed pasta and artisanal ripening as before, also has a natural crust with a thin layer covered with oil that leaves a great texture and taste on the palate.

Cured sheep cheeses

Without a doubt the best cured cheese made 100% with raw milk in a completely handmade way.

Matured Mix Cheeses

The best of these cheeses is undoubtedly the Manchego mixture of fresh pasteurized cow and sheep milk, it is highly intense in aroma and soft on the palate. It is the favorite cheese of adults and children, it has a great appearance, a powerful smell of smell and above all it is tender enough to result in its point. Ideal to consume or make recipes.

Serena cake cheese semi cured

The cheese is made using the purest milk of merino sheep, which remains in healing time for more than two months to be more powerful on the palate. Quality gourmet artisan cheese.

Creamy cheeses from Zújar

We also have the prestigious creamy Zújar, a delicacy with a prize in the annual World Cheese Awards. A world-renowned cheese, originally from Extremadura.