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Best aging wines

Aging wines. As established in the different Denominations of Origin, the aging is quality wines that are subject to an aging process of at least 24 months.

We have to take into account that the wine must be at least six months in oak barrels in the case of red wines and 18 months white and rosé wines. We present a varied range of aging wines that you can buy from different parts of Spain. You can read more detail about the aging times of the aging wine below on this page.

Recommended aging wines

The aging wines that you can see in this category are the most recommended, of different denominations of origin and diverse of the Spanish territory. Find and acquire the recommended aging wines for any occasion worth its salt.

Why buy aging wines?

Knowing that the type of wine depends on its aging period, the aging wines are those that remain less time in maturation. They are quality wines, tasteful and precious aromas. We also take care of choosing the best aging wines so you only have to take care of placing an order and enjoying it from the comfort of your home.

What makes a aging wine good?

So that the aging wine is of quality and has this denomination, some tables of aging, maturation and capacity in liters of the barrel are stipulated. Do not exceed these times make the quality of aging wine is not conducive.

We can use the information on the labeling of the aging wines to see these details and verify in this way that it is a good aging wine.

How long should the aging wines age and remain in the barrel?

In Spain it is stipulated the time that aging wines must age and mature to be considered aging wines

The aging wines in Spain are classified according to the typology of the wine, in the case of the red aging they must remain in aging for at least 24 months and then in barrel (maximum of 330 liters) a minimum of six.

In contrast, pink and white aging wines have a shorter aging time of up to 18 months and in terms of time in barrel and the capacity of this is the same as in red aging wines.

With respect to the aging wines of Rioja, the maturation time is markedly greater both in aging and its maturation in barrels, in addition the capacity of these is significantly less in liters.