Gourmet Christmas hampers

Gourmet Christmas hampers

Iberian products Deliex Lot 2
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Lot Iberian products Deliex 2 A batch of Iberian products with selected products, with sliced Iberian ham cut by knife, 6 sachets of 100 grams vacuum packed, sausages and cheese.
Gourmet gift basket 1
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Gourmet gift basket #1 Small gourmet gift basket containing a variety of gourmet products at a high value suitable for any pocket.
Lot Christmas special for gift
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Lot Christmas special for gift Lot gourmet gift products for companies or celebrations. The pack contains a selection of products in our store more venidodos, presetados elegantly in our gift box with dimensions of 8.5 cm wide x 19.5 cm long x 34 cm high.

Gourmet lots to give as gifts at Christmas

Select, with an elegant presentation and high-end products, these are our Gourmet Christmas baskets. They are ideal for giving to those who deserve to receive a very special gift, such as friends and family, or companies and clients who deserve extra recognition at Christmas.

Christmas baskets with Gourmet selection products

Our Christmas hampers include premium drinks and foods that have been carefully selected by our team.

In these baskets, only products from the most recognized brandsin the food sector can be accommodated. Our goal is to offer a true foody experience to whoever receives your gourmet basket as a Christmas gift.

Frequently asked questions about gourmet Christmas gift sets

What products can you find in a gourmet Christmas basket?

In our gourmet Christmas baskets you will find products such as acorn-fed ham, batches of selected Iberian products, batches of cheese, cases with bottles of Rioja and Duero wine... In short, within our gourmet batches we include products with which lovers of gastronomy you will be able to delight and enjoy true delicacies during the Christmas season. Remember that on our website we offer you this type of lots in addition to other original Christmas baskets such as Christmas baskets for companies, christmas baskets with ham, christmas baskets with sausagesand even vegan Christmas baskets.